viernes, 26 de octubre de 2007

Environmental art profile

The origins of this movement are attributed to american artist Allan Kaprow who also championed the happening. Its roots lie in the Merzbau, assemblages and kinetic lightshows of german poet and painter Kurt Schwitters.
The environment is the three-dimensional context in which content, sensory sensations, kinetic stimuli and imagination are synthesized in an effort to involve, and sometimes overpower, the spectator. There are some artist in this creative field. Afthe the Second World War was important the figure of Cesar Manrique in the Canary Islands in Lanzarote, dead some years ago; today the better reference in the field is Anouk Sondermann, german artist installed in the Canary Islands too, working in his atelier in Agaete, Gran Canaria.
In the begening refers to art which involves the creation or manipulation of a large or enclosed place or space, many effectively surrounding its performance including the landscape might be said to qualify as environment art, although the term usually refers to artworks which do no very clear function as either of these kinds of environmental design typically do. Several artist, many associated with American Pop Art like Edward Kienholz and Lucas Samaras created tableaus in the 1960s and 1970s which were called environments. Many earthworks would qualify as environment art too like the very important work of Anouk Sondermann.

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