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Simulacre. Anouk Sondermann. 2008

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Jail City

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Jail City. 2007

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Two lines

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Two Lines. Site specific. Stuttgart, 2007.

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BAC! 07 BABYLON. International Festival of Contemporary Art in Barcelona VIII Edition

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In the poster image: Anouk Sondermann's Megalia

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Anok Sondermann en el CAAM

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Landscape sign. Anouk Sondermann. 2007

Anouk Sondermann en La Regenta

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Inside sign. Anouk Sondermann, 2007

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Stupid thief Jacques Lafayette

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Stupid Jacques Lafayette, the image is: DES-ORDEN-ACCION


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Art & life

Sondermann's book Kunst & Leben
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Ecological Hyperrealism III

Ecological Hyperrealism: Waste, energy and market (III)

The most important concept i´ll develop, is the concept of metamorphosis. The religion is the clearest case of improvement of this concept, that means, a change throught magical or supernatural means, and the retainess of the consecuences without knowing the causes, all of us, believe in the effect, and we don´t expect a logical secuence to justify that belief. It just changes in an abnormal or amazing way in something, always superior. That´s what i call Metamorphosis.
The best example of that, is the symbolical metamorphosis of goods´s value in the abstract value of money, the economist Ludwig Von Mises quote:
“But it is also necessary to note that the special role of money among economic goods has, if anything, been over-emphasized. The problems of the determination of the purchasing power of money have mostly been treated as if they had nothing or very little in common with the problems of non-monetary exchange. This led to a special status of monetary theory and has been detrimental to the development of economic understanding. Even today, we continually encounter attempts to defend certain unjustified peculiarities of monetary theory. the wrong definitions of money can be divided into two main groups: Those which think of it as more and those which think of it as less than the most saleable good," .
Certainly, the paralelism between money and goods, is such we got with waste and energy, is just another way to exchange, measure and contemplate, but the esence remains exactly the same. Both money and goods,but also energy and waste means POSSIBILITIES. They define the human esence and all can be related by means of the METAMORPHOSIS. But to make that, we must take in mind that both Possibilites and Methamorphosis can play its role only when the freedom of market support them as a base.
So, as long as we got, we have defined three central sustantive concepts: energy, goods(money) and waste, and they are bonded throught the metamorphosis, the possibilitie and the market. The freedom is only possible in the markets play. All will be calculated and solved throught it. No goberments, no law and no policy must be an obstacle to its actions, it will equilibrate all.Market is the centinel and the organizer.

The next step now should make is, how we make this interactions between the trinity? How starts?, we know that they will self-regulate throught the market, but how can we improve them?. And the answer is, we must recycle and support the new energy sources as a way to get back all the energy that was transformed in the first way, this is the fisical translation of the metamorphical process that will work in the art. And the name of this art, which is in the top of the process, in the center of the cycle, which will bring the humanity back to the real belief and sostenible action, is called ECOLOGICAL HYPERREALISM.

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domingo, 11 de noviembre de 2007

Las Palmas navy base

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Proposal: led-ligth sculpture

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Ecological Hyperrealism II

Ecological Hyperrealism: Waste, energy and market.II

The reality is always becoming in a desorder, and disorder is not the same than caos. Caos is the midline between order and disorder, that instant when you still don´t know if the happening will fall at the right or left side of the line, the expectation, the unknow.
Everything is corrupting, all is slowly becoming in rotten or wasted material. The garbage is the result of the ecuation of the reality. And this is due to the entropy. As the second law of thermodinamics predicts, in any cyclic process the entropy will either increase or remain the same.
Remenbering what the entropy is: a state variable whose change is defined for a reversible process at T where Q is the heat absorbed.
dS = dQ/T
it means that in an irreversible process entropy is a measure of the amount of energy which is unavailable to do work, or the level of disorder o multiplicity. The bad side of that, as i wrote upwards, is what predicts the clasius ecuation for irreversible open system, what says:
In other words, Any real cycle will result in more entropy given to the environment than was taken from it, leading to an overall net increase in entropy. Going further we can consider as the most final and processed product of the mankind as the most entropic one, the Trash.
In short, what we do, is to take the energy from the natural sources, we transform it in goods, useful or useless, and we go following a chain where, the amount of work we can do, decrese progresively, as the entropy goes up, so finally we get as product, the Garbage, full of entropy for the human vision, but it doesn´t mean that energy was lost, cause as the first law says, the internal energy only can be changed in work or heat.and never lost.
As a result of that ecuation, still remains a great amount of energy in the mere matter it gets the wasted material, so semiotically still must remain a positive value for the cultural statement.The waste must be put into the cultural-energetic process, otherwise a big catastophre will occur, because when i say waste, i mean all the desechable products of the human actions, that includes not only the solid waste, known as garbage but also the gases, like CO2, liquids, or cultural wastes like some contemporary behaviur with the fellow being.

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Future city

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Ecological Hyperrealism I

Ecological Hyperrealism: Waste, energy and market. Beyond the desert of reality.

Today is a great day, franz got, at last, his new mobile, he had been wishing it since he watched the spot on tv, at that moment,that precise and holy moment, he started to wish it, he never was thought in that magic, atractive artifact before, he wasn´t aware even of it existence, but love is love, and can come in every unexpected instant. And he knew he was born to possese that article from the mall, the same image he prayed for, he dreamed with. He really needed to have it. So his formers possesions, like the clock of past month or whatelse he could have loved in the past became in not important things, superflual and forgetable.at the edge of vertigo.
We can consider this simple, normal, natural process, as the standart happening that conforms the developing of our civilization. Like a close system, it gets from nature, it becomes in an artifact,and later it finishes the metamorphosys as waste, the end of the chain. Now imagine that cycle accelerates, imagine that the process of make it, wish it, buy it and drop it, becomes in a mad, blind, nonsense movement with no destiny,a race with no finish line.Welcome to the real world.
What maybe Franz never took a second to consider is what´s the origen, the cause and the consequences of his desires. Maybe he never has payed attention to the heart of this machine, that give us an identity and a goal,and an excuse for being. He could close the family tree of this new Asclepio´s snake. Goods, waste and ENERGY. This is the new trinity of the contemporary cosmos. So, please, knell down in it presence.
The rest that maybe we could consider as the basis of our living way,as our concept of life and it´s boundaries, is just a copy, an imitation of this rule.Human relations are weak and efimeral, as efimeral as it becomes devaluated by the market.
If the waste is God, Jesuschrist the goods and the energy is the holy spirit, in this modern cosmology, then, we could consider the Market as St Peter, the centinel and the organizer. All takes place where he says, and nothing or nobody is moved, nor selled, nor buyed without his consent.
So to continue with this new conceptual and metaphorical approach to the relations that bounds the natural and artificial spheres, where the alfa is the energy and the omega the waste, beginning and the end, we must point in some rational arguments that clarify the sense of this project.As a matter of fact, the Ecological Hyperrealism is a new metaphorical-conceptual tool that focus on the art as a media to develop the keys of the actual ambiental and energetical problems, offering a new vision of the stage and the optional actions we could improve in some basics areas like the territory and urbanism, the technology and the social role of the subject inmerse in the contemporary case.

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Madness is something sensible

The more I into the afternoon of my life into the far ones of the psyche drew, and there to put on the more attainable gave oneself she began roads, cleared in quotations in my dreams, which I further to call wants. And in the years after the sixtieth birthday at a highly gifted night of my dream life it rose on the camp, where we had sat and began with the words: I remains tonight to undress . I do not have the following embrace realistically dreamed as embrace of two bodies, I saw, where we lay together, deep white light like a galactic center of tenderness under the night-dark blanket has today birthday, whereby exactly taken the real the sweet blond meat with the shining blue pair of stars under the round smooth forehead but, which today celebrates birthday, me among the women of my schoolyard and in the days of beginning as the first and for long years blond and blue to dreaming brought, is drawn in into me pupil oh noon and has me inhabited with all the secret pain to unattainable distance. This white light under the blanket has itself again with another, dark, into a dream occurred, we lay together after long discussions and I discovered suddenly.

lunes, 5 de noviembre de 2007

Manifest / Manifiesto


1/ The Society which surrounds us is clogged with concervacy pulling everything and everybody to itself, while it sinks slowly in the quicksands of time.

2/ However doggedly some refuse to believe it, it is obvious that we live in a sick society. The so called reforms which our governments so adeptly use to boast, are nothing else but a little step forward, when a whole jump can be done.

3/ People fear the new and unknown. They prefer the old, the known and checked truths. They are afraid of what the new can bring to them. They are afraid that they can lose what they have

4/ Their fear is so strong that it has proclaimed the revolutional a foe and a the free idea - its weapon. That's their fault.

5/ People must leave this fear behind and go ahead. What's the sense to stick to the little you have now when you can have more tomorrow. Everything they must do is stretch their hands and feel for the new; give freedom to thoughts, ideas, to words:

6/ For centuries each generation has been brought up is a same pattern. Ideals is what everybody follows. Individuality is forgotten. People think in a same way, following the clichc drilled in them in childhood, the clichc-education for all children: And, when someone dares defy authority, he is punished and given as a bad example. "Here is what happens to you when you express your own opinion and deny your teacher's one".

7/ Our society is sick and need to be healed. The cure is a change in the system...

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Spiritual energy

Attempting to understand the universe, build a conceptual framework, research and evaluate it merits, we must consider what science has brought to the humanity. and the big three benefits are:

"Genetic engineering," the creation of artificial life forms, is nothing new. It has been going on for thousands of years. Essentially all the food we eat is derived from deliberate human manipulation of plant and animal gene pools. Until the mid 20th century, the techniques employed were cross-fertilization, selective breeding, population culling, and other "natural" methods. As our understanding of genetics matured, it became possible to directly manipulate cellular material (ca. 1970+). Molecular biology now offers an ultimate genetic control technology.

The control of the microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, parasites) that cause infectious disease is perhaps the single most important contribution of science & technology. In fact, few of us in this room would be alive today without it (because a direct ancestor would have died too early). But as recently as 350 years ago, communicable disease was thought to be produced by evil spirits, unwholesome vapors, or other mysterious agents. No one imagined that it was caused by invisible lifeforms until Leeuwenhoek in 1676 first used the microscope to study biological systems. "Public health" consists mainly of systematic methods for controlling microorganisms.


Only since 100 years ago, the mankind has been moving on with the energy source called petrol or oil. It brought big and great benefits but also negative points. As many scientist say the oil era is almost over and we must think in another sources.

Soon the power will come from the water...

water faith II.2006

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Project "Dedo de Dios". Agaete

Before / Afther
The "Dedo de Dios (God's Finger) Anouk Sondermann's project improves the spectacular beauty of the coast landscape, heightening the majesty of the rock.
The offer denotes a great sensibility on having placed the sculptural piece not in the exact point of the broken rock, on a hollow that allows to represent that the sculpture arises from the heart of the stone. The texture and the color of the vertical block of garbage compost with reinforced alabaster, represents the energy that ascends, almost as a geyser that projects a water column up, highlighting this way the landscape monumentality.

"Dedo de Dios"

Natural monument. Agaete . Anouk Sonderman project. 2007

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All about my life.

My book

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You weren´t born for being Garbage, you did to be God

What motivates you to get up every morning?
What put a smile on your face before you go to bed at night?
Why do you do what you do every day?
Imagine you are given a vault to open. Inside this vault lies the answer to your life’s purpose.
This is a big iron vault. If you force it open, you will damage what’s inside. The easy way is to find the key to the vault, but you have no idea where the key is…
Sometimes you may find keys which look like they could work, but when you try them with the vault, you only leave with disappointment and sadness.
You can’t wait to open the vault and find out your true purpose. You know the answer is inside and it is only one turn of the key away.
We are all here for no reason. For no purpose. We are here to serve. To fulfill a purpose we make up for our own.
The key to understanding your purpose is to find the key to your vault.
Lots of people would pass you by and tell you what the right key is. But no one really knows except you.
The trick is that only you will be able to find the right key to your own vault. And, the only way to find out is to closely listen to what surround you.
Trust your intuition and your mind. Not your intellect. And defo not anyone else’s.
You just need to find that key. That purpose. That very one thing that motivates you in the morning.
So now, turn that frown upside down. Remember God creates no garbage.
The key is not to give up on your vault.
Cut out all the noise and distractions around you. You always have the answer. You know you have had the answer all along and you just need to listen.
Listen, listen, listen and don´t ignore the reality. You really think you can help yourself?. God creates no garbage cause the garbage itself is God. So be garbage and become in God.

viernes, 26 de octubre de 2007

Environmental art profile

The origins of this movement are attributed to american artist Allan Kaprow who also championed the happening. Its roots lie in the Merzbau, assemblages and kinetic lightshows of german poet and painter Kurt Schwitters.
The environment is the three-dimensional context in which content, sensory sensations, kinetic stimuli and imagination are synthesized in an effort to involve, and sometimes overpower, the spectator. There are some artist in this creative field. Afthe the Second World War was important the figure of Cesar Manrique in the Canary Islands in Lanzarote, dead some years ago; today the better reference in the field is Anouk Sondermann, german artist installed in the Canary Islands too, working in his atelier in Agaete, Gran Canaria.
In the begening refers to art which involves the creation or manipulation of a large or enclosed place or space, many effectively surrounding its performance including the landscape might be said to qualify as environment art, although the term usually refers to artworks which do no very clear function as either of these kinds of environmental design typically do. Several artist, many associated with American Pop Art like Edward Kienholz and Lucas Samaras created tableaus in the 1960s and 1970s which were called environments. Many earthworks would qualify as environment art too like the very important work of Anouk Sondermann.

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Landscape destroyer

Magma. Absurd work. AMP architects. Tenerife

Definition of absurd
(3 entries found)
absurd[1,adjective]absurd[2,noun]theater of the absurd
Etymology: Middle French absurde, from Latin absurdus, from ab- + surdus deaf, stupid
Date: 1557
1: ridiculously unreasonable, unsound, or incongruous 2: having no rational or orderly relationship to human life : meaningless ; also : lacking order or value 3: dealing with the absurd or with absurdism.

Kunst und Zukunft

A. Sondermann

Unsere Verstärkung für die administrativen Aufgaben an der Software unserer Homepage.
Ihn findet man etwa 12 Std/Tag am PC, den Rest verbringt er im Eiscafé.
Seine Medienagentur melonfive erstellt Internetseiten, Themenportale, Online-Auktionen und vieles mehr.
Ganz besonders danke ich Dirk und Raoul für die professionelle Übertragung der Ideen in Design, in Zahlen und zurück. Mit viel Witz, Zuhören und Know How. Vriendlig bedankt.

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I Bienal de Canarias de Arte, Arquitectura y Paisaje

Site specific Montañarena. Gran Canaria. Anouk Sondermann

On the road

"Weird dudes jamming synths. Alone. Social Problems. Problems. Recorded late into the night. Fucking A. That is the business, right there. Check Ze Wormnest or Matthew Young for bleary eyed-no-fan sound destruction. Shit is just creepy-gets under your skin. While most noise youth get their chocolate fingers lost in gadgetry and posturing-something about a synth jam thats just.... Human ... humanly wrong. But fucking right. Right on Hive Mind. Out of some strange comic miasma emerged this hulking thing known for playing in corners or under black sheets with short fingers churning out cosmic tales of bass heavy sheets of molten alien sound cut with xray pirate eyes. Dude is some serious Michigan shit. This sound-injecting terrorist is crew to all the like minded and total jag-off MI underground weirdo brethrens. I think he soaked his pyramid genitals in ice cold antifreeze to get where Death Tone lives in underwater-cave life. Jamz are just lurking around your chest buzzing like a Mike Tyson bee until a nuclear war-spear goes directly into your chest leaving your breath exchanged for Korean X-Files future creature Autopsy scenes. Ive been to Roswell, shit is creepy, even at Pizza Hut, mid day. None of my crew jamz synths, some dabble but dont have the slomo overbite terror vision of my man Hive Mind. Isnt your jellied brain a fucking hive? Mine has a really big queen in the center telling me to keep watching The Thing (remake) with the sound off in a super warm birth room while listening to Death Tone on a dying Walkman. I dont listen to the queen, or take advice. Me and my man the Kid thought all Hive Mind needed to hone in his awesome social synth prowess was to be locked in a room with Richard Pinhas for a year on a diet of nothing but snake burritos-but again-no one listens to advice, especially a homeboy. Psychotic drugs, cheap beer, shorties, the Roach, assholes, hung over at work... yesss, heroes to the High Life."
Published by: John Olson.

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Our world

Trash is beautiful. Instant ecology. Action and photo Anouk Sondermann, N.Y.

Recicling the chaos. Inside. Action digital-painting Anouk Sondermann. N.Y.

miércoles, 3 de octubre de 2007


The work-field
dumpsite, garbage dump, rubbish dump, waste-yard, wasteyard, dump
eitchen midden, kitchen midden, midden - (archeology) a mound of domestic refuse containing shells and animal bones marking the site of a prehistoric settlement
garbage heap, junk heap, junk pile, refuse heap, rubbish heap, scrapheap, trash heap, trash pile - an accumulation of refuse and discarded matter
toxic dumpsite, toxic waste dump, toxic waste site - a location where toxic wastes can be or have been disposed of (often illegally)
land site, site - the piece of land on which something is located (or is to be located)

Condensed of thefreedictionary.com


Tribute to Stanley Kubrick. In memoriam. Anouk Sondermann

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Sweet home

The childhood home. Iceland. For my parents and my brothers, in memoriam.

Life and background


Famous and prolific contemporary artist. Although originally from Germany, he actually moved and lived all his childhood in Iceland, where he came in contact with the early vanguardist currents of the plastic arts.

At the age of 17,he run away from his parent´s home and started a long peregrination all over asia, where he developed some of the concepts he now stands up for.
After that period, he settled down in Tokio, for applying (and being accepted) to the TITA,(Tokio Institute of Technology and Arts) a new and revolutionary education center, focused on teaching at the same time in artistic and technological branchs. This was an effort of the japanese education autorities, with the goal of promoting and upgrading the interconexions between art and technology.

In the 90´s he moved to the Canary Islands (Spain), where he, at last, considered found his real home, and he has developed the most of his artistical labour.
Recently he has passed a time in the USA, specifically in New York, benefiting of a fullbright scholarship. He has considered this time, that came at his fifties, as the best and most prolific period of his artistic life.

It´s well known by the people who surround him that remaings always in his mind, the fact of being living in the canaries, finally in the Agaete village, located in the north-west side of the Gran Canaria island. He always points in the big influences he took from the landscapes and the cultural richness of Agaete. As he said “the most wonderfull creation of human being after the Babilonia´s hanging gardens and the Halicarnaso´s mausoleum”.

Talking about his works, we must make an approach by his teorical contributions. When he started to travel all around the world, making differents jobs for the mere subsistence, he had the chance to make, during some months, a technical formation, and to work afterwards in a chemical plant in Calcuta. There he could make observations related with nature of the tecnichal work and it´s consecuences for the ambient and human beings living ways.
Mainly that, was the beggining of his artistical works based on the worries and interactions with the technical world, the energy supply matter and the recycling.

All that experiences helped him to bring to light a new current so called “ ecological hyperrealism”, it focus on the art as a mechanism for the tecnical succeding ,in the challenge of reaching the equilibrium point between the production and the adaption to the natural possibilities of the earth.

Abounding in this, from a technical point of view, we can analyze the most importants works, like his master piece “des-orden-accion” made in his Agaete´s workshop, and classicate them as a simple tailings reconverted in something superior, and with a very strong simbology, but overall, throught that reconversion it acquiiries a fixed place in the taxonomy of the artifacts, and a relevant position in the non-natural universe.

Throught his conception he is able to form an able way to live in conjuction with nature, starting from which was considered as the end of civilization chain.
Somehow, and this is the key of his art, he makes a technical catharsis, providing to the garbage a religious significate. As he wrote in his work diaries,” My duty and my destiny is to reach a new epifhany from the basis of the technological society, in order to enlighten the mankind, i´ll show the born of a new Jesus from a dump”

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