martes, 30 de octubre de 2007

You weren´t born for being Garbage, you did to be God

What motivates you to get up every morning?
What put a smile on your face before you go to bed at night?
Why do you do what you do every day?
Imagine you are given a vault to open. Inside this vault lies the answer to your life’s purpose.
This is a big iron vault. If you force it open, you will damage what’s inside. The easy way is to find the key to the vault, but you have no idea where the key is…
Sometimes you may find keys which look like they could work, but when you try them with the vault, you only leave with disappointment and sadness.
You can’t wait to open the vault and find out your true purpose. You know the answer is inside and it is only one turn of the key away.
We are all here for no reason. For no purpose. We are here to serve. To fulfill a purpose we make up for our own.
The key to understanding your purpose is to find the key to your vault.
Lots of people would pass you by and tell you what the right key is. But no one really knows except you.
The trick is that only you will be able to find the right key to your own vault. And, the only way to find out is to closely listen to what surround you.
Trust your intuition and your mind. Not your intellect. And defo not anyone else’s.
You just need to find that key. That purpose. That very one thing that motivates you in the morning.
So now, turn that frown upside down. Remember God creates no garbage.
The key is not to give up on your vault.
Cut out all the noise and distractions around you. You always have the answer. You know you have had the answer all along and you just need to listen.
Listen, listen, listen and don´t ignore the reality. You really think you can help yourself?. God creates no garbage cause the garbage itself is God. So be garbage and become in God.

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