jueves, 8 de noviembre de 2007

Ecological Hyperrealism I

Ecological Hyperrealism: Waste, energy and market. Beyond the desert of reality.

Today is a great day, franz got, at last, his new mobile, he had been wishing it since he watched the spot on tv, at that moment,that precise and holy moment, he started to wish it, he never was thought in that magic, atractive artifact before, he wasn´t aware even of it existence, but love is love, and can come in every unexpected instant. And he knew he was born to possese that article from the mall, the same image he prayed for, he dreamed with. He really needed to have it. So his formers possesions, like the clock of past month or whatelse he could have loved in the past became in not important things, superflual and forgetable.at the edge of vertigo.
We can consider this simple, normal, natural process, as the standart happening that conforms the developing of our civilization. Like a close system, it gets from nature, it becomes in an artifact,and later it finishes the metamorphosys as waste, the end of the chain. Now imagine that cycle accelerates, imagine that the process of make it, wish it, buy it and drop it, becomes in a mad, blind, nonsense movement with no destiny,a race with no finish line.Welcome to the real world.
What maybe Franz never took a second to consider is what´s the origen, the cause and the consequences of his desires. Maybe he never has payed attention to the heart of this machine, that give us an identity and a goal,and an excuse for being. He could close the family tree of this new Asclepio´s snake. Goods, waste and ENERGY. This is the new trinity of the contemporary cosmos. So, please, knell down in it presence.
The rest that maybe we could consider as the basis of our living way,as our concept of life and it´s boundaries, is just a copy, an imitation of this rule.Human relations are weak and efimeral, as efimeral as it becomes devaluated by the market.
If the waste is God, Jesuschrist the goods and the energy is the holy spirit, in this modern cosmology, then, we could consider the Market as St Peter, the centinel and the organizer. All takes place where he says, and nothing or nobody is moved, nor selled, nor buyed without his consent.
So to continue with this new conceptual and metaphorical approach to the relations that bounds the natural and artificial spheres, where the alfa is the energy and the omega the waste, beginning and the end, we must point in some rational arguments that clarify the sense of this project.As a matter of fact, the Ecological Hyperrealism is a new metaphorical-conceptual tool that focus on the art as a media to develop the keys of the actual ambiental and energetical problems, offering a new vision of the stage and the optional actions we could improve in some basics areas like the territory and urbanism, the technology and the social role of the subject inmerse in the contemporary case.

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