lunes, 5 de noviembre de 2007

Manifest / Manifiesto


1/ The Society which surrounds us is clogged with concervacy pulling everything and everybody to itself, while it sinks slowly in the quicksands of time.

2/ However doggedly some refuse to believe it, it is obvious that we live in a sick society. The so called reforms which our governments so adeptly use to boast, are nothing else but a little step forward, when a whole jump can be done.

3/ People fear the new and unknown. They prefer the old, the known and checked truths. They are afraid of what the new can bring to them. They are afraid that they can lose what they have

4/ Their fear is so strong that it has proclaimed the revolutional a foe and a the free idea - its weapon. That's their fault.

5/ People must leave this fear behind and go ahead. What's the sense to stick to the little you have now when you can have more tomorrow. Everything they must do is stretch their hands and feel for the new; give freedom to thoughts, ideas, to words:

6/ For centuries each generation has been brought up is a same pattern. Ideals is what everybody follows. Individuality is forgotten. People think in a same way, following the clichc drilled in them in childhood, the clichc-education for all children: And, when someone dares defy authority, he is punished and given as a bad example. "Here is what happens to you when you express your own opinion and deny your teacher's one".

7/ Our society is sick and need to be healed. The cure is a change in the system...

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Anónimo dijo...

Es gibt so manche Straße, da nimmer ich marschiert; es gibt so manchen Wein, den ich nimmer noch probiert. Frisch auf drum, frisch auf drum im hellen Sonnenstrahl, wohl über die Berge, wohl durch das tiefe Tal. Die Bäume rauschen all', mein Herz ist wie 'ne Lerche, das sing' ich dazu. Abends im Städtchen, da kehr’ ich durstig ein.Herr Wirt, mein Herr wirt, eine Kanne blanken Wein. Ergreife die Fiedel, du lust’ger Spielmann du, von meinem Schatz das Liedel, das singe ich dazu. Und find ich keine Herberg’ so lieg ich zur Nacht ohl unter blauem Himmel, die Sterne halten Wacht.

Udo Strauss