miércoles, 7 de noviembre de 2007

Madness is something sensible

The more I into the afternoon of my life into the far ones of the psyche drew, and there to put on the more attainable gave oneself she began roads, cleared in quotations in my dreams, which I further to call wants. And in the years after the sixtieth birthday at a highly gifted night of my dream life it rose on the camp, where we had sat and began with the words: I remains tonight to undress . I do not have the following embrace realistically dreamed as embrace of two bodies, I saw, where we lay together, deep white light like a galactic center of tenderness under the night-dark blanket has today birthday, whereby exactly taken the real the sweet blond meat with the shining blue pair of stars under the round smooth forehead but, which today celebrates birthday, me among the women of my schoolyard and in the days of beginning as the first and for long years blond and blue to dreaming brought, is drawn in into me pupil oh noon and has me inhabited with all the secret pain to unattainable distance. This white light under the blanket has itself again with another, dark, into a dream occurred, we lay together after long discussions and I discovered suddenly.

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