viernes, 16 de noviembre de 2007

Ecological Hyperrealism III

Ecological Hyperrealism: Waste, energy and market (III)

The most important concept i´ll develop, is the concept of metamorphosis. The religion is the clearest case of improvement of this concept, that means, a change throught magical or supernatural means, and the retainess of the consecuences without knowing the causes, all of us, believe in the effect, and we don´t expect a logical secuence to justify that belief. It just changes in an abnormal or amazing way in something, always superior. That´s what i call Metamorphosis.
The best example of that, is the symbolical metamorphosis of goods´s value in the abstract value of money, the economist Ludwig Von Mises quote:
“But it is also necessary to note that the special role of money among economic goods has, if anything, been over-emphasized. The problems of the determination of the purchasing power of money have mostly been treated as if they had nothing or very little in common with the problems of non-monetary exchange. This led to a special status of monetary theory and has been detrimental to the development of economic understanding. Even today, we continually encounter attempts to defend certain unjustified peculiarities of monetary theory. the wrong definitions of money can be divided into two main groups: Those which think of it as more and those which think of it as less than the most saleable good," .
Certainly, the paralelism between money and goods, is such we got with waste and energy, is just another way to exchange, measure and contemplate, but the esence remains exactly the same. Both money and goods,but also energy and waste means POSSIBILITIES. They define the human esence and all can be related by means of the METAMORPHOSIS. But to make that, we must take in mind that both Possibilites and Methamorphosis can play its role only when the freedom of market support them as a base.
So, as long as we got, we have defined three central sustantive concepts: energy, goods(money) and waste, and they are bonded throught the metamorphosis, the possibilitie and the market. The freedom is only possible in the markets play. All will be calculated and solved throught it. No goberments, no law and no policy must be an obstacle to its actions, it will equilibrate all.Market is the centinel and the organizer.

The next step now should make is, how we make this interactions between the trinity? How starts?, we know that they will self-regulate throught the market, but how can we improve them?. And the answer is, we must recycle and support the new energy sources as a way to get back all the energy that was transformed in the first way, this is the fisical translation of the metamorphical process that will work in the art. And the name of this art, which is in the top of the process, in the center of the cycle, which will bring the humanity back to the real belief and sostenible action, is called ECOLOGICAL HYPERREALISM.

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