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Ecological Hyperrealism II

Ecological Hyperrealism: Waste, energy and market.II

The reality is always becoming in a desorder, and disorder is not the same than caos. Caos is the midline between order and disorder, that instant when you still don´t know if the happening will fall at the right or left side of the line, the expectation, the unknow.
Everything is corrupting, all is slowly becoming in rotten or wasted material. The garbage is the result of the ecuation of the reality. And this is due to the entropy. As the second law of thermodinamics predicts, in any cyclic process the entropy will either increase or remain the same.
Remenbering what the entropy is: a state variable whose change is defined for a reversible process at T where Q is the heat absorbed.
dS = dQ/T
it means that in an irreversible process entropy is a measure of the amount of energy which is unavailable to do work, or the level of disorder o multiplicity. The bad side of that, as i wrote upwards, is what predicts the clasius ecuation for irreversible open system, what says:
In other words, Any real cycle will result in more entropy given to the environment than was taken from it, leading to an overall net increase in entropy. Going further we can consider as the most final and processed product of the mankind as the most entropic one, the Trash.
In short, what we do, is to take the energy from the natural sources, we transform it in goods, useful or useless, and we go following a chain where, the amount of work we can do, decrese progresively, as the entropy goes up, so finally we get as product, the Garbage, full of entropy for the human vision, but it doesn´t mean that energy was lost, cause as the first law says, the internal energy only can be changed in work or heat.and never lost.
As a result of that ecuation, still remains a great amount of energy in the mere matter it gets the wasted material, so semiotically still must remain a positive value for the cultural statement.The waste must be put into the cultural-energetic process, otherwise a big catastophre will occur, because when i say waste, i mean all the desechable products of the human actions, that includes not only the solid waste, known as garbage but also the gases, like CO2, liquids, or cultural wastes like some contemporary behaviur with the fellow being.

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